Master Brokering is the service of working in the national or regional “multi-state” function.  Essentially, we work as your in-house real estate professional that enlist local brokers to meet the needs of the practice by assisting with lease renewals, de novos, expansions, relocations, and more. The goal is to be of service for all the organization’s commercial real estate needs by saving time and money with delivery peace of mind.

The Process:

Save significant time by not having to “re-invent the wheel” for each new location with each new broker.  We save money by being an additional advocate in the negotiating and with developing strategies to ensure the practice achieve the best terms possible, while providing additional aid and resources when needed.

The principals of Bridge Commercial Realty come from a background working in healthcare on a local, regional, and national level.  Our network of qualified healthcare brokers have specific market knowledge, which gives added insights to help avoid common pitfalls.  We are privileged to be the only professional “in-house” that is not paid by you!

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