ASC’s are no small consideration yet, they can be tremendously rewarding in the right market.  Qualifying those right markets, and identifying the appropriate partner makes all the difference to your success!

Are you early in the analysis of evaluating an ASC, or deciding on an ASC vs OBL (Office-Based Lab) or even a combination Hybrid?   We have exceptionally proficient partners that can assist at no cost the first steps of feasibility.   

Looking for an operational partner?   We can certainly point you to the industry leaders who are transparent and more than fair.

Are you further down the road and ready for site selection, project budgeting, financial modeling, and representation?


Real Estate is not the 1st step in the ASC; in my example below, real estate is the 5th step.  If we were to categorize the steps, they would look something like this.

1. Feasibility Analysis

  1. Financial & Budgeting
  2. Competitor Assessment
  3. Regulatory Analysis
  4. Footprint Requirement
  5. Etc.

2. Partnership Syndication of Physicians

  1. Caseload projections
  2. Specific Services & Equipment
  3. Physician ownership & investment
  4. Etc.

3. Update financial modeling / proforma.

  1. Verifying Managed Care Contracts
  2. Verifying licensing for location
  3. Real Estate estimation from Design/Build firm

4. Legal & Compliance

  1. Organizational Structure
  2. Stark & Anti-kickback
  3. Federal & State compliance
  4. Accreditation, Certification, & Licensure
  5. Physician credentialing
  6. HIPAA compliance

5. Real Estate (Bridge Commercial Realty)      

  1. Demographic Studies & Heat Map 
  2. Site Selection & Financial Modeling Evaluation
  3. Conceptual Design & Preconstruction Analysis
  4. Project Budgeting & Funding 
  5. Construction Documentation & Management

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