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Healthcare real estate

Your Bridge to Demystifying Real Estate

The Healthcare Provider’s premier resource for Demystifying Real Estate.

Real Estate has so many facets and variables, that the smallest of nuances can impact the bottom line by not only tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars, but even into the millions.

Bridge Realty was formed to provide valued resources and advocacy to Providers in evaluating real estate.  We do this by laying out full transparency on the impact of your decision-making process.

Bridge Commercial understands proformas from both the Seller and Buyer perspective and what thresholds need to be met to make a deal work.  This approach allows us to tactically work to your advantage whether Buying, Selling, Leasing, or forming a Joint Venture opportunity.

Our mission is to give healthcare practices the advantage in determining the best decision. Whether it be evaluating:

  • Lease vs Purchase
  • Renovation vs Relocation
  • Purchase Existing Building vs New Construction
  • Negotiation Strategies
  • Structuring Proformas
  • Capital Options
  • 100% Finance Options

Case Study

We had a client ask for help after they negotiated a 24,000+ SF lease on their own.  They were unsettled due to their limited perspective looking for peace of mind. We learned that they had a developer purchasing the building specifically for them and offered lease terms which they had accepted.  We ran the purchase price + soft cost proforma from a Landlord’s perspective to review with the Tenant.  We found that there were several hundred thousand dollars in value left on the table. With this new vantage point, we strategically proposed new terms at the threshold of proforma a Landlord would require to still make their bottom line.

The Result:  The Landlord accepted all terms with very minor adjustments.  The Client achieved the Peace of Mind knowing they received the best terms possible!

Unparalleled Specialization in representing Owners in the sale of their healthcare facilities and originating capital for new development and or expansion

Meet our team


Shirward Punches

Managing Partner

Shirward Punches is a principal and managing partner of Bridge Commercial Realty, a full-service real estate firm based out of Michigan with a nationwide network. As a real estate firm with a national presence, Bridge Commercial Realty has captured the attention of healthcare...


Clint Herrema

Managing Partner

Clint Herrema works as a Managing Partner and Broker with Bridge Commercial Realty. He comes from a healthcare real estate background with regional and national experience.  He has worked with local and national healthcare clients across the country facilitating and negotiating deals of a variety of size and complexity...


Justin Gregg


Justin is a real estate advisor for Bridge Commercial Realty. Specializing in the underwriting aspects which assist in bridging the gap between buyers and sellers in the real estate space. He realizes every buyer / seller has hurdles to work through in any given real estate transaction.

Nick Zagar Web (1)

Nick Zagar

Affiliate Partner

Since 2005, Nick has successfully negotiated over 1,000 real estate transactions, including both leases and sales, and across all healthcare sectors, including dental, medical, veterinary, and more. Nick is a highly experienced real estate broker understanding both sides of the transaction (both buyer/tenant and seller/landlord) which gives him a leg up as a tenant/buyer representative...

Remy Isdaner Web-01 (1)

Remy Isdaner

Affiliate Partner

Remy is a tenant-focused agent, who specializes in office, retail, and medical space for his dental and veterinary clients. He offers tenant representation, lease analysis, market-evaluation, site selection, research services, and investment sales. For nearly a decade in commercial real estate, Remy continues to be an advisor and advocate for his clients on a local and national level...


Mike Ruso

National Partner

Bio coming soon!


Kent Selders


Kent started his real estate career as a partner in a mortgage company start up. Responsible for company operations, he fostered growth from the humble beginnings of two partners to over 150 employees in three states. A company sale included a non-compete, so it was time to explore new industries.


Bobby Lind

National Partner

Bobby has been in the commercial real estate industry for more than 5 years- with a particular expertise in the healthcare sector. He has helped both small and large healthcare providers navigate and understand the process of selecting a site for their start-up.


Matt Evans

National Partner

Matt Evans is a licensed Real Estate Broker in Texas, Kansas, Iowa, & Wisconsin as well as an experienced Transition Consultant across 10 States. Over the years Matt has been fortunate to work with doctors and healthcare professionals to evaluate their real estate needs.


Britt Dean


Britt Dean is the CEO and owner of Dean Healthcare Realty based in Dallas, TX. After laying his foundation as realtor, Britt continued down this path earning his broker license and building his commercial real estate company specializing in all forms of healthcare.


Roger Hernandez

National Partner

I'm a Commercial Real Estate Broker, and I specialize in representing Healthcare & Business Professionals, Dentists, Doctors, Veterinarians, Veterinary Specialty Groups, Ambulatory Service Centers, Attorneys, Accountants, Optometrists, Physical Therapists...


RJ Adolfi


R. J. Adolfi is the founder of DentalSmart and DentalSense, and he is also one of the individuals responsible for developing Upstate Dental Health Services PC, the first "dental super practice"-known today as Aspen Dental.


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