Leases are one of the best ways to leverage other people’s money!  Whether doing a startup, adding a location, or relocating, a lease can be strategic in using a landlord’s property and tenant improvement allowance dollars to open an office with minimum upfront costs and money down.

Landlords are in the business of maximizing their profits by giving as little concessions as possible.  Lease negotiations require adept knowledge and strategy to maintain the best posture and leverage when negotiating a leased space.  Having the right representation on your side can mean the difference of tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to you.

Listing agents are required by law to not have your best interest in mind as their fiduciary is to the landlord. Bridge Realty has you covered with qualified licensed real estate brokers who specialize in healthcare tenant representation.  We understand how to posture and identify landlord thresholds for the highest Tenant Improvement Allowances and lowest rents.

If landlords who are in the business of real estate for a living rely on real estate brokers to negotiate terms for them, why would you think you shouldn’t?  Especially, when there is no additional cost to you to have representation.

Real estate agent showing where to sign residential lease agreement


Lease renewals are the number one transaction where a practice is taken advantage of in commercial real estate.  Two things must always be considered when negotiating a lease renewal: Cash Flow & Risk from the landlord’s perspective.

No landlord will inform you of your value as an established healthcare tenant, nor will they inform you of the savings they are receiving by you adding an additional term to your lease against their proforma in the event you were to vacate.

Your history of faithful payments over the years is low risk to a landlord.  This low risk increases the incentivization to work with you on offering concessions and competitive lease rates vs. gambling on a new unknown tenant.

Basing your renewal terms on what your neighbors are paying can be a costly mistake, and unfortunately is one of the most common mistakes made.

Bridge Realty has a national network of qualified licensed real estate brokers ready to help you all the while maintaining professional care & preserving the landlord / tenant relationship.


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