Acquisitions (When Seller Owns the Real Estate)

Practice Acquisitions are some of the most emotional transactions in real estate and require extreme finesse to successfully satisfy both Seller and Buyer.  Both parties must know that they were treated fairly.

Bridge has a proprietary process that meets the goals of the Seller and Buyer of the practice.  Even if a Buyer of the practice wishes to lease and the Seller of the practice wishes to sell the real estate, it’s not a problem!  We have a vetted list of buyers already in place, ready to compete for your business to purchase the real estate at maximum value without hurting the cash flow of the practice for the Buyer of the practice. 

Bridge’s ability to work with all variables of real estate safeguards the Seller so they mitigate losing an ideal Buyer of the practice.

Acquisitions (When the Practice is Leasing)

When purchasing a practice that is in a lease it is essential to review the lease in conjunction with the practice simultaneously.  We prepare a full lease analysis to identify any negotiable terms that may improve the practice cash flow.  This improvement can also increase the sale price of the practice!

One such improvement can be negotiating a new lease altogether instead assuming an assignment.  Presentation is everything.  When and how to present negotiable terms to the landlord is crucial to capturing any available favorable terms. 

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